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Sodium Humate
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Sodium Humate:Black granular or powder, soluble in water, alkaline, has the functions of ion  exchange, adsorption, complication, flocculation, decentralization and adhesive bonding.
(1)  The application of sodium humate in fertilizer and water: the earliest application of sodium humate in aquatic products originated from the properties of its fertilizer, but it is not a nutrient element. in the past two years,  it has been suggested that it can supplement the carbon source of water body. from this point of view,there is a certain reason, because sodium humate is the sodium salt of humic acid, humic acid is a  kind of polymer organic weak acid, is the product of plant residue decomposition.

(2) Purification of water quality: because sodium humate is a relatively stable natural macromolecular organic matter with a directional mechanism, there is an intermittent network of sparse aromatic rings connected together, and there are many voids of different sizes in the structure. Because of its complex structure and  various functional groups, it has high reaction activity and strong adsorption performance, so it can achieve the effect of water purification in practical application, but the actual feedback effect, Powdered products come  faster than flaky products, mainly because powdered products settle faster in water than flaky products.

(3) Physical shading: physical shading is that after the application of sodium humate, the water body becomes soy sauce color, which can block part of the sunlight from reaching the bottom layer, so as to play a role in preventing moss.

(4) To plant water grass in crab ponds, in the process of promoting sodium humate, these good nutrients will be put forward, which can protect grass and raise grass.